It was a quiet afternoon in the middle of last summer.
One of those calm and gorgeous days.

In my house, lost in the countryside of my hometown in Italy, I was
 experiencing a forced lockdown, but still trying to keep my rhythm and myself busy: I was in my studio, designing the new Camilla pendants.

The shutters were partially close, protecting the room from the heat of the day, but leaving flashes of light shedding on my table, just bright enough to let me play with the colours of my sketches.

A gentle but warm breath was sliding inside, bringing together the perpetual song of the cicadas that were invading the surrounding fields.
I was immersed in my work, entirely taken up with my drawings, nearly dazed by the peaceful, tepid atmosphere and the repetitive hypnotizing sound.

Overall it was a pleasant feeling.

But somehow, after absolving my duties of a mid week day, I nearly felt guilty for the opposite, and not being able to savour my time at home.

Suddenly, I thought it was enough for the day.
I left my safe refuge and moved to the yard outside: I was planning to fulfill a sweeter task.

My garden was under siege by a large number of wild strawberries plants and leaving those small red gems alone didn’t seem right to me.

I grabbed a ball and started picking
them up, taking care to taste them
randomly 🙂
Kneeling in the grass and crawling
around was not exactly the most
comfortable posture.
But the old days’ taste of these
strawberries and the light-hearted
time that I spent there definitely
made my day.

Sometimes we are all so much focused on following our daily routine
that we are quite missing the point.

After all, slowing down and taking our time is not the worst punishment that
can happen to us.

It’s an opportunity to appreciate the moment and the small things that
unfortunately pass by unnoticed.

I hope that Camilla collection gives you the same cozy and relaxing feelings
that I have experienced during those days.

Take your time and keep going !!!