“La Dolce Vita” has become a way to describe the Italian lifestyle, and it takes back to a lighthearted and happy time. Thinking about Italy, it is impossible not to picture in your mind its beautiful places, elegant streets, historical buildings, and food. But do you know where this expression comes from?

We need to step back at the 50s, when Italy was trying to start a new life after the terrible World War ll and spending more and more time for entertainment and social activities.
Rome was the center of this lifestyle, with celebrities partying and enjoying the Italian warm summer nights.

There was a specific event that is considered as the beginning of the Dolce Vita period: in 1958 the Countess Olghina di Robilant had a big birthday party in a famous restaurant of that time: Rugantino. That was a real international party with people from many different countries, which reach its apex when the dancer Aichè Nana performed a striptease, causing scandal on the newspapers of the time.

That moment has been inspirational for “maestro” Federico Fellini, a most imaginative film director, who included a similar scene in his classic movie “La Dolce Vita”, presented in 1960.

The romantic Trevi fountain scene is one of the most famous shots in the Dolce Vita movie.

Trevi fountain is one of the focal point in Rome: a lively and energetic place, where you can observe Italians of all ages gathering
and celebrating together.

Fountains and piazzas reflect the Italian culture, they are always filled with animated people, strolling, talking and laughing, with an enjoyable spirit of enthusiasm, improvisation and leisure.

La Dolce Vita (The Sweet Life) goes far beyond spending time in the most pleasant way.
It means letting your senses be the guide, getting lost,
immersing in the place and just watching it live and display.

Hope my collection brings you the same joy and the light-heartedness of those days in Italy.
Share your happiness and try to make the most of every little moment.
 Live la Dolce Vita!